Town of Cary

The Town of Cary was looking to have their website upgraded for residents with the aim of offering them the basic services that they may need while on the go. Media Queries were used to redesign the website into a responsive and mobile-friendly site. A live mock-up was created to show how the site would look & function with an emphasis on site navigation, lorem ipsum (placeholder latin text) was utilized for text content and the following requirements:

  • A custom bookmark icon
  • Mobile-friendly navigation
  • 6-10 functioning pages
  • The same branding/styling the site already employs.
  • A manifest for offline browsing
  • ARIA Roles
  • Progressive enhancement (i.e. the site needed to look and function well on all browsers including older browsers)

I decided to use the Bootstrap framework to address the mobile usability issues with the small screen sizes and larger touch targets which worked out quite nicely. A mega-menu, drop-down styling was applied to all the main menu links to allow for accessibility and scan-ability access. A left-sidebar navigation menu was added to all sub-pages with accordion styled sub-links that disappear to conserve space. On small screen sizes, the left-sidebar navigation slides to the left leaving more room on the page for content while remaining quickly accessible.

Town of Cary live mock-up site

Triangle Literacy Council

The triangle Literacy Council was looking to have their logo updated which became an excellent opportunity to flex some logo creation skills. Since the TLC was really focused on literacy through community involvement and volunteering, I wanted to really nail that concept within the logo in addition to all of the usual requirements for a logo: looks good at many sizes, works well in black and white, maintains high readability at small sizes, identifiable, relatable yet simple.

I started by creating about 20 individual sketches to just brainstorm and capture some of the ideas rattling around in my head regardless of how on target they were. From those, I narrowed down the list and started creating vector art within Illustrator to flesh out some of the most promising ideas. I worked mostly in black and white help keep focus on the image results and so that I would not have to rely on color to have an effective logo. I tried many variations and Iterations of the book and 3-person layout combo before I eventually came to final result of logo displayed.

This was an extremely gratifying project to work on and I am honed to be able to produce art work for group as important as the TLC. The progression from sketches to final logo is shown below



North Carolina Zoo

This purpose of this project was to create a jQuery Mobile Web app/site based on the premise that The North Carolina Zoo ( needed an independent mobile Web app that visitors could peruse while visiting the zoo. Upon entering the zoo, patrons would be given a Web address linking to a mobile site/Web app. The Web app was designed to be a companion to the overall zoo experience, providing additional information about the zoo, its animals, habitats, etc. Free reign was given to design the site and to include any additional information deemed necessary as long as the emphasis for overall design, user experience and presentation was achieved.

PDF Out Loud Mockup

App Description

Listen to your favorite books, magazines, articles, and documents all while preserving the impact and beauty of the printed page no matter where you are or what you’re activity. PDF Out Loud is the only PDF reader that specializes in converting the printed text found in PDF’s into spoken words without sacrificing features or forcing you to navigate ugly, cumbersome, and unintuitive interfaces. It has been specifically designed to be naturally easy to use and fully engaging on mobile devices of all sizes while still enjoying a comprehensive set of features. PDF Out Loud gives you the best of both worlds, leaving you with an aural, visual and interactive experience that is sure to be stunning.

  • Type of app: Productivity tool, PDF Viewer and Text to Speech translator
  • Opportunity: For business – Monetizable
  • Need: Provides PDF Viewing, TTS and extensive UX in one complete package.
  • Target market:

Primary Target: individuals, business professionals, travelers who multitask or are active. Those who benefit from books on audio (driving, working out, etc), Low technological expertise needed.

Secondary Target: Students, illiterate, ESL, visual impairments, attention disorders

Vision Statement

PDF Out Loud is dedicated to providing the best aural, visual, and interactive experience for a document anywhere in the world and in any situation. Weather the user’s focus is business, pleasure or to simply better their lives through learning, a cornerstone of success will be the enabling of the individual’s connection to electronic “printed” material regardless of physical activities, background, abilities, or language barriers.


Down Right Dance

This project was of particular interest to me since I needed to update and convert my dance instruction website  from a simple CSS & HTML unresponsive website over to a WordPress site capable of supporting a blog component. I use the website to promote my dance instruction and DJ’ing services along with providing students useful resources like music when they practice outside of class and support for their questions. The home page needed to be interesting and dynamic to draw the visitor in while conveying the fun and exciting aspects of the swing genera dances. I also wanted to connect with site visitors by revealing the amusing and entertaining side of my personality and allow me to be more approachable.The home page was the most challenging to create because the starting template’s CSS and JavaScript was heavily modified to create a much better user experience.