Visit North Carolina Ad

For this project, I was tasked with creating a collage that would not only demonstrate proficiency with advanced selection techniques within Photoshop, but also encourage families with young children to visit North Carolina through an advertisement from a set of provided pictures. Requirements for the project included an IAB “Film Strip” size of 300×600 pixels in the targeted advertisement with the collage consisting of at least 3 pictures.

I started by attempting to develop a theme by performing research on the various festivals within NC, but was not feeling very inspired so I decided to take a different approach. Hopefully a closer look at the provided pictures to see how those might relate to one another would yield better results. Bingo! A number of pics were brought together within Photoshop and I started stitching together photos that I could connect with- this was a very organic process. I decided to go for a more general feel of what the state has to offer visiting families and let the pictures tell the story, but I knew that had to include the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse since it was one of the places that my family and I had visited when I was a child. The final touch was to add some textual information accomplished with the title and slogan designed to encourage people into action by going to the web site

Photos that were used in the creation of the collage are displayed below.

*Photos courtesy of

Movie Poster Ad

Movie watching is one of my favorite pastimes and I have to admit- I have seen a lot of bad sci-fi movies in my time- which is a good thing it turns out! Tasked with creating a sci-fi poster from a sample set of pictures and years of cheesy sci-fi under my belt, I was all set to dig in. I choose my favorite pics and came up with a weather themed movie to rival all the other ones I’ve ever seen.

To accomplish the composition, I started by arranging the various backgrounds where I wanted them and then brought in the subjects with extensive use of masking. Each subject required adjusting the coloring to fit in their section. The lightning was then placed, masked, scaled and warped. More color adjustments later, I began adding the titles, copy and other little inspirational nods to round out the poster. The final piece for the poster was styling the title to generate interest and make the title pop a little more. Viola! Instant sci-fi smash hit.Below is a sample of the images that were utilized within the composition.