Triangle Literacy Council

The triangle Literacy Council was looking to have their logo updated which became an excellent opportunity to flex some logo creation skills. Since the TLC was really focused on literacy through community involvement and volunteering, I wanted to really nail that concept within the logo in addition to all of the usual requirements for a logo: looks good at many sizes, works well in black and white, maintains high readability at small sizes, identifiable, relatable yet simple.

I started by creating about 20 individual sketches to just brainstorm and capture some of the ideas rattling around in my head regardless of how on target they were. From those, I narrowed down the list and started creating vector art within Illustrator to flesh out some of the most promising ideas. I worked mostly in black and white help keep focus on the image results and so that I would not have to rely on color to have an effective logo. I tried many variations and Iterations of the book and 3-person layout combo before I eventually came to final result of logo displayed.

This was an extremely gratifying project to work on and I am honed to be able to produce art work for group as important as the TLC. The progression from sketches to final logo is shown below



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