Town of Cary

The Town of Cary was looking to have their website upgraded for residents with the aim of offering them the basic services that they may need while on the go. Media Queries were used to redesign the website into a responsive and mobile-friendly site. A live mock-up was created to show how the site would look & function with an emphasis on site navigation, lorem ipsum (placeholder latin text) was utilized for text content and the following requirements:

  • A custom bookmark icon
  • Mobile-friendly navigation
  • 6-10 functioning pages
  • The same branding/styling the site already employs.
  • A manifest for offline browsing
  • ARIA Roles
  • Progressive enhancement (i.e. the site needed to look and function well on all browsers including older browsers)

I decided to use the Bootstrap framework to address the mobile usability issues with the small screen sizes and larger touch targets which worked out quite nicely. A mega-menu, drop-down styling was applied to all the main menu links to allow for accessibility and scan-ability access. A left-sidebar navigation menu was added to all sub-pages with accordion styled sub-links that disappear to conserve space. On small screen sizes, the left-sidebar navigation slides to the left leaving more room on the page for content while remaining quickly accessible.

Town of Cary live mock-up site

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