PDF Out Loud Mockup

App Description

Listen to your favorite books, magazines, articles, and documents all while preserving the impact and beauty of the printed page no matter where you are or what you’re activity. PDF Out Loud is the only PDF reader that specializes in converting the printed text found in PDF’s into spoken words without sacrificing features or forcing you to navigate ugly, cumbersome, and unintuitive interfaces. It has been specifically designed to be naturally easy to use and fully engaging on mobile devices of all sizes while still enjoying a comprehensive set of features. PDF Out Loud gives you the best of both worlds, leaving you with an aural, visual and interactive experience that is sure to be stunning.

  • Type of app: Productivity tool, PDF Viewer and Text to Speech translator
  • Opportunity: For business – Monetizable
  • Need: Provides PDF Viewing, TTS and extensive UX in one complete package.
  • Target market:

Primary Target: individuals, business professionals, travelers who multitask or are active. Those who benefit from books on audio (driving, working out, etc), Low technological expertise needed.

Secondary Target: Students, illiterate, ESL, visual impairments, attention disorders

Vision Statement

PDF Out Loud is dedicated to providing the best aural, visual, and interactive experience for a document anywhere in the world and in any situation. Weather the user’s focus is business, pleasure or to simply better their lives through learning, a cornerstone of success will be the enabling of the individual’s connection to electronic “printed” material regardless of physical activities, background, abilities, or language barriers.


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