Parallax Effect

For this project, I was tasked with creating a parallax effect from a single image and outputting the result to a video. I wanted to capture something that would look really good when this effect was applied to it so I decided to look for some action photos online. I found a number of good possibilities that would lend themselves well to the conversion, but decided to go with the picture of the motorcycle in mid-turn and steep-lean.

I started by selecting the motorcycle, rider and shadow and moving it all to a new layer. I then needed to fill the hole left from removing the bike and rider in the background. Since I was not only planning on including the parallax effect but also making the whole thing look like the motorcycle was banking through the turn as well, I need to make sure that the background fill looked as realistic as possible. I then turned my attention to the shadow of the motorcyclist- I needed it to be transparent and consistent no matter where it fell against the background to add to the realism. After all of that was done, I set up the overall movement of the background and the rider. Photoshop only has a linear curve progression between key frames so it took a little while of tweaking and the creation of 17 key frames to get the motion right.

It all came together quite well and I am very pleased with the results- it looks like an actual scene from a motorcycle race! Check out the progression of modifications as this project came together.

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