Carolina Trucking Academy

The challenge for this project was to redesign the out-dated Carolina Trucking Academy website with a responsive version that retained all of the information of previous site while also catering to mobile users. The project had a number of requirements which included:

  • HTML5 compliant
  • Contain accessibility attributes to key elements (i.e. use of ARIA roles)
  • Use an embedded font for headings
  • Have an example of a rounded corner or a drop shadow
  • Visually appealing, using the principles of good design
  • Suitable colors
  • Offer an excellent UX with both full and mobile version (incorporating responsive or adaptive design)
  • Fully functional navigation
  • Contact form
  • Contain links to social media
  • Stock photos that do not violate any copyright

I decided to implement the bootstrap framework for this site since it would make building the site much easier and it would address the mobile and desktop UX quite nicely. All of the previous information was incorporated into the new design along with fresh images to generate excitement and inspire increased enrollment. Special attention was given to the site navigation to make sure that the links were intuitive and ranked in importance accordingly. I also wanted to give the site a little more of a custom look so I added quite a bit of styling and custom bits such as an oversized logo and custom media icons. I was quite pleased with the results and the website was well received.